Other State Reports

Don’t have time to spend countless hours troubleshooting state reports?  We can help you with any PowerSchool report regardless of the state you are in.


Our team has a deep knowledge of how to calculate API/AYP and we do not stop there!  We can analyze your data and produce reports that can:

  • Compare your school to your district
  • Identify subgroups that can be provided additional support
  • Use pre/early release data to predict official API/AYP results
  • Identify operational patterns that can promote the improvement of performance results

Attendance & Enrollment Reports
A critical component to funding for schools, Attendance and Enrollment reports rely on a well maintained and error-free database. Monthly attendance reports should be 100% accurate in order to maximize your funding and to avoid triggering an audit exception.

We can work with you to ensure that your system is properly configured, and will run periodic diagnostics to guarantee it is.  Where troubleshooting is required, not to worry. We have seen just about every attendance-related error and we can fix it, most of the time, within the same day.

Attendance Audit Review
For schools primarily funded by pupil attendance, it is common to submit an independent, annual audit of income and expenditures for which attendance accounting records are crucial.

If you are a new school, we can provide guidance on how to get started on the right foot, from understanding state requirements to helping you implement processes school-wide. If you are an existing school, we can pre-audit your records and SIS in advance to ensure you are meeting the latest audit guidelines. Some of the most important records to review include:

  • Weekly attendance rosters
  • Monthly attendance reports
  • Apportionment reports
  • Absentee logs
  • Independent study records
  • Supplemental instruction

After reviewing your records and documentation, we will deliver an audit finding and recommendation list so that you are confident you have everything you need during your audit.

Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC)
For schools that need to identify and extract the required information for accurate reporting in the CRDC report, we can help!  We can even provide an analysis of the data before it is even submitted. Want us to submit it on your behalf?  We can do that too!

For the myriad or tests and reports out there that require Pre-ID files, we can support you.  We are experienced at creating Pre-ID files even without an SIS!  Of course, analysis before submission can be provided as well.