PowerSchool Help

PowerSchool_LogoWe are PowerSchool experts. We have years of experience helping schools which, often times challenged by resources, don’t have dedicated Student Information System (SIS) professionals on their staff. We can fill that gap and provide you with the PowerSchool help that you need.

Our experience and insight can provide you with a more flexible system and reduce the frustration and time you spend managing your SIS. We have expertise not only in “traditional school” system configurations, but also:

  • Full or temporary independent study
  • Elementary schools scheduled by cohorts with rotating teachers
  • High Schools with multiple terms, rotating bells schedules (A day, B day, etc), and students simultaneously enrolled in college courses
  • Standards-based scheduling and reporting (Including Common Core)

PowerSchool Reports
From Report Cards and Transcripts to Attendance Reports and Student Information Handouts, we have you covered. We have experts that can choose the best reporting solution for your goals. We can help you to manage:

  • Quick Exports
  • Object Reports
  • ReportWorks
  • Reporting Engine
  • DDE/DDA Extractions and External Reports
  • Other Custom Reports

New Schools
If you are a brand new school or just new to PowerSchool, we can walk you through that first year to transfer the knowledge of best practices for using the system for years to come.  In our experience, the earlier we develop good processes and data quality safeguards, the better.

Some examples include:

  • A full review of PowerSchool options and requirements
  • Defining roles and responsibilities
  • Process mapping and documentation
  • Legacy information validation
  • Custom template creation
  • Addition of new schools to existing servers
  • Initial administrator and teacher training

Existing Schools
If you are an existing or expanding school and want to brush up on any of these areas, contact us.  We work with many modules and have implemented PowerSchool for many different solution areas, so let us know and we can create a plan that delivers the help you need.

Advanced Customization
Are you finding it difficult to fit into the PowerSchool mold? Many schools do. Our years of experience working with unique Schools, along with our creative nature, can help maximize your system through customization. If customization is not the option, we can help you analyze alternative solutions to achieve your goal.

If the customization required is supported by PowerSchool, we can handle it!

Some examples include:

  • Custom screens
  • Reports
  • Scheduling conflicts
  • Enrollment screens

There is no perfect system out there, but we can help you push the limits on the one you have so that it works for you, not the other way around.