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Attendance Reports Troubleshooting Checklist

Below is checklist of the most common types of items that can create problems in your Monthly Student Attendance Reports (MARS). This is true for the Monthly Student Attendance and Attendance Summary by Grade reports in PowerSchool. Is your attendance … Continue reading

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Introducing Data Schoolhouse™

DDFS is proud to announce a brand new service for the 13-14 school year that will revolutionize how schools access big data. Have you ever: wondered what areas of the school/teachers/staff/students can be improved? wished that your school data would … Continue reading

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Updating Report Cards (i.e. not object reports)

As you are finalizing your semester, be sure to update your report cards in PowerSchool so that the right grade/GPA and teacher comments are pulled. To update your report card, navigate to: home page > system reports > setup > … Continue reading

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Building custom reports in PowerSchool – Report Cards vs. Object Reports vs. ReportWorks

It’s March already and you may be thinking about building reports in PowerSchool to report on student achievement, like grades and transcripts, or simply start tackling many of the reports from your 2011-2012 to do list. While PowerSchool provides several … Continue reading

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California Compliance: ELA and Title III Eligible Immigrants for Spring 1

CALPADS Spring 1 is here!  While much of the information is the same as Fall 1, Spring 1 brings with it a Census to Certification Window of only 27 days versus the 70 days that schools had in the Fall.  … Continue reading

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