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CALPADS End Of Year (EOY) Schedule And Spring Cleaning!

CALPADS Downtime! CALPADS will be doing some fairly major upgrades over the summer.  While I am sure that the updates will only surprise and delight, it does require that some consideration be taken when planning your CALPADS EOY report submissions.  … Continue reading

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Managing No-Shows in PowerSchool to Minimize SENR CALPADS Errors

In preparation for submitting the SENR file to CALPADS for Fall 1 Certification, you may find that there is a special group of students that have not shown up all year, and how to manage them in PowerSchool is not … Continue reading

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Last chance for corrections to 2011-12 Enrollment in CALPADS for API/AYP

SPECIAL NOTE:  Tomorrow is the LAST day to request de-certification of 2011-12 Fall 1 data if you want to re-certify by Friday, September 21st. Continuous Enrollments Data Source:  CALPADS + STAR Testing Continuous enrollments, which are used to calculate the … Continue reading

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CALPADS End of Year 2: Correcting NCLB Title I Part A Basic School-wide Status

California schools have to comply with the applicable portions of “End of Year 1-4” reporting for the first time this year. As far as End of Year 2 reporting is concerned, these reports focus on “program participation,” which include 504 … Continue reading

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Resource Planning for the 2012-13 School Year

Now that the 2011-12 academic year has ended, high performing school administrators around the country are taking the time to reflect on the previous year and asking themselves how to improve the upcoming year.  When DataDriven For Schools (DDFS) visualizes … Continue reading

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