CA_Compliance_SlideWe have years of experience with state reports and can help California schools meet any and all CALPADS reporting as well.  Our consultants can walk your school through the entire process from data validation to Level 2 certification!


  • Fall 1, Fall 2, and EOY 1-4
  • Data gap analysis
  • File submission and certification

We can work with your school to complete the SIF and submit it to the CDE Web Portal on your behalf!

Pre-ID Help
We have extensive experience in not only submitting Pre-ID files for the following, but also re-submissions and synchronization services with your favorite analysis tool or student information system!

We’ve got you covered for:


Attendance Help

If you are a School in California, you already know that the most significant source of funding comes from the Apportionment Reports (aka P-Reports, P1, P2, PA) submitted three times during the school year.

It is key that these reports are accurate in order not only to maximize your funding, but also to avoid any audit exceptions that could result in fiscal penalties.

At DataDriven For Schools, we can help you:

  • Generate attendance reports from PowerSchool and review for accuracy
  • Generate all other information required for P-Reports
    • Economic Impact Aid
    • NSLP and English Learner student counts
    • Compile and report supplemental instruction hours
  • Complete P-Report using the State’s “Attendance Software”
  • Resubmit past reports, where applicable

Have you noticed how much student data is required for the publishing of the SARC every year?  We can help you to populate the required data AND make sure that the presentation of that data is in line with the values and communications strategy of your school.