Attendance Reports Troubleshooting Checklist

Below is checklist of the most common types of items that can create problems in your Monthly Student Attendance Reports (MARS). This is true for the Monthly Student Attendance and Attendance Summary by Grade reports in PowerSchool.

  • Is your attendance conversion accurate?
  • Is your Full Time Equivalency properly defined? (That is, all grade levels have an FTE defined?)
  • Is the school calendar setup?
  • Are your bell schedule periods checked to count for attendance properly?
  • Do all your students have a Full Time Equivalency defined? (No one should have an empty “FTEID” value)
  • Entry date
    • Students entry date into PowerSchool (“EntryDate”) should match entry date into their classes (“DateEnrolled” in the CC table) for the first day of school
      • For schedule changes after Day 1 of school, the DateLeft from the old class(es) should be equal to the DateEnrolled of the new class(es)
  • Exit date
    • The exit date from PowerSchool (“ExitDate”) should be the day after the last day of school. The exit date from classes, likewise, should be the day after the last day of school.
  • Attendance codes
    • Are your attendance codes checked to count towards an Attendance Category?
  • Refresh Daily Attendance view
    • Run this function to force PowerSchool to refresh attendance for a given date range
      • (Start page > Special Functions > Attendance functions > Refresh Premier Attendance Views Data
  • Re-calculate attendance (experts only)
    • Run this function (only if you are comfortable with advance functionality in PowerSchool) to force PowerSchool to recalculate attendance for the entire school
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