$1.25 billion in new CA Funding can help you build Student Performance Systems in 13-14

On July 1st, 2013, The Legislature and Gov. Jerry Brown approved California Assembly Bill 86 which allocates 1.25 billion dollars for Common Core Implementation Funding that can integrate “academic content standards through technology-based instruction for purposes of improving the academic performance of pupils.”

What does that mean for your charter school?

  • Approximately $200/ADA from 12-13 P-2 ADA becomes available to schools.  Depending on your attendance rate, that translates to up to $20,000 per 100 students!
  • If you are shopping for an SIS or testing software platform, the 13-14 school year is a great time to put those systems in place.  If there is not enough time for this year, you can budget for that implementation in 14-15.
  • If you already have an SIS or testing platform invested in, your school can now invest in a REPORTING SYSTEM that MEASURES STUDENT PERFORMANCE

DDFS’s Data Schoolhouse™ solution for schools can do exactly that by building a CUSTOM solution to integrate with your Student Information System (SIS), Assessment Software, and just about any other data source to bring INTEGRATED student performance insights to your school leaders, teachers and students!

This funding is lost after the 14-15 school year, so schools should start now to make a two year plan for the allocation of those funds!

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