Introducing Data Schoolhouse™

DDFS is proud to announce a brand new service for the 13-14 school year that will revolutionize how schools access big data.

Have you ever:

  • wondered what areas of the school/teachers/staff/students can be improved?
  • wished that your school data would be accessible, up to date, and easy to manipulate?
  • had a hypothesis about your school and didn’t have the right tools to quantify AND communicate your reasons for action to other school leaders?

Data Schoolhouse™ is finally here and will allow your school to:

  • track and measure your school’s unique metrics for success
  • integrate multiple data systems in one place
  • have reports you care about accessible through the web, desktop or email
  • affordable for small schools

We invite you to try our interactive “Lost ADA Report” to get a sense of what is possible with Attendance, but we have many more reports in store for you that target:

  • Student/School/Teacher Performance
  • Demographics
  • Formative Assessments
  • Discipline
  • Board Meetings
  • …and more to come!
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