Updating Report Cards (i.e. not object reports)

As you are finalizing your semester, be sure to update your report cards in PowerSchool so that the right grade/GPA and teacher comments are pulled.

To update your report card, navigate to: home page > system reports > setup > report cards > click the report card you want to modify.

Printed Report Title: did you know you can use HTML tags in the title of your report? For example, if you want to display not only the report card title but also the school address, this is what you can type:

<b>Report Card Name</b> <BR> <center> 1000 Street, City, State Zip 111-111-1111 </center>

Next, make sure you update the store code for the grades, comments and percent as shown in the picture. We used Y1 since we are reporting yearlong grades. Use “S2” for Semester 2 grades only. Don’t forget to submit!





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