CALPADS End Of Year (EOY) Schedule And Spring Cleaning!

CALPADS Downtime!

CALPADS will be doing some fairly major upgrades over the summer.  While I am sure that the updates will only surprise and delight, it does require that some consideration be taken when planning your CALPADS EOY report submissions.  The entire system will be down from June 27th evening to July 15th morning.  That is two weeks for you to focus on other things, but if your plan was to focus on CALPADS you had better create a backup!  We know it may be hard for some schools that end in late June, but we are recommending that you target to have certification level 2 completed by June 26th to avoid being caught up in unforeseen bugs from the updates or a possible delay to the PowerSchool EOY/BOY (End Of Year/Beginning Of Year) process that may be pushed back due to the CALPADS downtime.  If the June 26th target is not met, there are still 17 days after the system is back online to finish.

Spring 1 Cleaning!

The CALPADS 13-14 calendar is now online and confirm the absence of Spring 1 for next school year.  While that may translate to a lot of saved time in data gathering and submissions, be mindful of the reporting impact that this may have on your school.  It remains to be seen how this will actually play out, but it looks like EL and FEP counts will be shifted to Fall 1, changing the schedule of the reported numbers for your LEA.  The best thing that you can do is to talk with your finance team and the person responsible for language assessment and reclassification to see how this next year may be impacted.

Spring 1 State/Federal Data Usage 2012-2013

  • State – DataQuest (EL and FEP Counts, and SNOR)
  • State – Economic Impact Aid (EIA) Program
  • Federal – NCLB Title III Limited English Proficiency Program
  • Federal – NCLB Title III Immigrant Program (SNOR)
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