Managing No-Shows in PowerSchool to Minimize SENR CALPADS Errors

In preparation for submitting the SENR file to CALPADS for Fall 1 Certification, you may find that there is a special group of students that have not shown up all year, and how to manage them in PowerSchool is not so clear.  This blog post aims to demystify the management of no-shows for your school and how to handle them in both PowerSchool and CALPADS.

Step 1:  Knowing your no-shows

In CALPADS, there are two types of no-show students.  The first, identified by exit code N420, addresses the need to categorize students that had attended the school in the previous year, but did not return.  The second, N470, groups together the students that are pre-enrolled in a school but never attended.

Step 2:  Managing PowerSchool

After the first few weeks of school, it becomes clear which students are no-shows.  Before making changes, ALWAYS clear attendance before making changes to school enrollment information.  Follow the steps below depending on the type of no-show:

N420 – As the end of year process has already been run, the current enrollment under Transfer Info will show a start and end date in the current school year.  Edit the current enrollment and change the entry and exit dates to be two days after the last day of classes in the previous year.  By using two days after the final day of school as the entry and exit date, it will avoid conflicts with the previous enrollments that had an exit date of the day after the last day of school.

N470 – After clearing attendance, change the entry and exit date of the current enrollment to be July 1 of the current school year.  The reason why we pick July 1 is because it is the first day of the CALPADS reporting year and is a day that is least likely to be in session by another school, preventing enrollment conflicts with the schools that they may actually be attending.

Step 3:  Managing CALPADS SENR Submission

Before running the SSID Enrollment Records (SENR) Report in PowerSchool for CALPADS Fall 1 or CELDT Pre-ID, it is a good idea to clear these no-shows from their enrollments in CALPADS.  To do so, we run the SSID Enrollment Records Report for two single dates and upload them to CALPADS.

1st date:  The second day after the last day of classes.  This will isolate the report to N420 exit codes.

2nd date:  July 1 of the current calendar year.  This will isolate any N470 codes.

Of course it is a good idea to check these files before uploading to ensure that only the no-show codes are being represented in these files.  If everything was done correctly, then they will appear correctly and you can continue to run the SSID Enrollment Records report for all attending students starting at the beginning of the school year!

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