Last chance for corrections to 2011-12 Enrollment in CALPADS for API/AYP

SPECIAL NOTE:  Tomorrow is the LAST day to request de-certification of 2011-12 Fall 1 data if you want to re-certify by Friday, September 21st.

Continuous Enrollments
Data Source:  CALPADS + STAR Testing
Continuous enrollments, which are used to calculate the 2012 API and AYP determinations, are measured using students that were reported enrolled in the same LEA from Fall 1 Census Day (10/5/11) to the first day of STAR Testing without a gap of more than 30 consecutive calendar days.  To check your enrollment numbers on Census day, run the report “1.1 Enrollment – Primary Status by Subgroups” in CALPADS.
If you need to make changes, CALPADS has pushed back the final day to make changes to enrollments for 2011-12 until Friday September 21, 2012.

Steps to re-certification of Continuous Enrollments

1 – Request new snapshot:  If you need to make changes, a service request must be made to CALPADS to request a new snapshot.  Simply de-certifying will NOT request a new snapshot to be requested during the nightly process.  Complete this step by Wednesday.

2 – Make Changes:  Although it would be tempting to upload a new SENR Enrollment file, we recommend making changes to enrollment manually to reduce the risk of generating errors in the overnight snapshot.  If you have fatal errors on Friday, you will not be able to re-certify.  Complete this step by Thursday.

3 – Re-certify:  After an overnight process, re-run report 1.1 in CALPADS and those numbers will reflect the re-stated enrollment for 2011-12.  Certify at Level 2 and you are finished!

Steps to re-certification of Student Demographics

Student Demographics for Continuous Enrollments are sourced from the answer documents of the STAR Testing.  The Data Corrections Window for 2011-12 is from October 1 to November 9, 2012.

Stay tuned for a future blog post on that process!

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