Resource Planning for the 2012-13 School Year

Now that the 2011-12 academic year has ended, high performing school administrators around the country are taking the time to reflect on the previous year and asking themselves how to improve the upcoming year.  When DataDriven For Schools (DDFS) visualizes how schools work with student data, we find it helpful to think in “Verticals:” these are frameworks of critical processes that a school must have in place to ensure accountability, transparency and smooth operations.  In a single slide, a vertical framework looks like this:

Defining your verticals

Depending on your school, some of these verticals may not apply or need to be changed.  Nonetheless, once your verticals are clearly defined, it becomes much easier to segment those processes across your organizational structure.

Role mapping

When planning for your next school year, it will be important to map these responsibilities to individuals or teams so that processes for the management of student data are clearly defined.

It is important to define a leading role for both the entire vertical AS WELL AS the individual tasks.  The more detailed the verticals are, the more likely that you will have a clear guiding document to get you through the school year.

In the end, you can operate during the school year with a role mapping document that looks like this!

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