Creating Multi-table Exports using Direct Database Export (DDE)

If you spend some time creating and compiling student information for your school, you are likely a frequent visitor of PowerSchool’s Direct Database Export (DDE). For those of you not quite familiar with it, DDE is the “backdoor” into the hundreds of tables that store all of the database information. You can find the screen as follows: (Home Page > System > Direct Database Access (DDE)

You can create a host of reports by exporting information from DDE into a spreadsheet where you can manipulate further.

In this month’s tip, we’ll go over how to export attendance data from multiple tables in one swoop. We’ll export data from the Attendance table for a date range while asking for additional information from the CC and Students tables.

1)   From the home page in PowerSchool, select the students you want to work with. In our example, we’ll select “All” students.

2)   Go to DDE and in the table drop-down, find table “Attendance (157)”

3)   Click on “Select All [a number with the records available will be displayed] records in this table”

4)   Now, let’s ask for the date range. we’ll ask for attendance from 1/1/12 through 3/1/12

  1. Using the “Search Attendance” drop-down menus, find field “Att_Date”.  Then, in the parameter drop-down, select “>=” (greater than or equal to). Lastly, in the query box enter 1/1/1
  2. Follow the same steps as in 4a but change the parameters to “<=” (less than or equal to) and change the query box to 3/1/12
  3. Make sure to check the box “Search only in records belonging to [your school name]” if you have more than one school in your server

5)   Click on “Search all [number of records] records in this table”

6)   You now should have the number of records selected in your query and can export

7)   Click on “Export Records”. Enter the following fields (in column A) in the field box. Check the box “Column titles on 1st row”. Hit submit.

8)   You can open your file from Excel and can now create a pivot table to create a useful student-detail attendance report that can easily be filtered by teacher or course.

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